Donna Hartlen's GBS/CIDP/MMN Awareness Challenge 2020

Donna Hartlen, Executive Director is starting off the GBS/CIDP/MMN Awareness Challenge with her own challenge to people. Help us to increase awareness of the Foundation and these Rare Syndromes, by completing your own Challenge photos or videos, and Challenging 2 more people to do the same! Share it on social media! Download and print your Challenge poster at, for all the details. Have a Safe and Happy Awareness Challenge!

Posted by GBS / CIDP Foundation of Canada on Saturday, August 1, 2020

We Challenge you to join us for the GBS/CIDP/MMN Awareness Challenge 2020!

This year our Challenge is simply to do an activity or simply “Strike a pose” holding
your printed sign.
Video your activity or take a pic, Challenge 2 more people, and Share the Challenge.
You can be serious or just have some fun just make sure to challenge 2 friends to do
their own Awareness Challenge! Then get creative, simply video or take a picture
of you walking, singing, dancing. Strike a pose, write a blog or whatever suits you
If you have a GBS/CIDP t-shirt we’d love to see you wear it for your challenge. GET CREATIVE, HAVE FUN, GET OUTSIDE OR NOT, GET ACTIVE, BUT BE SAFE and PRACTICE SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCE – Challenge your friends, family and coworkers!
For those that prefer to send us a photo, “Strike a pose!”, pick your best “Vogue-like” pose, wear their GBS/CIDP t-shirts, and hold your Challenge sign.
Please share your images with friends on social media pages, and please tag us @GBSCIDPCanada.
Send us a copy of the video or photo, to – and we can create a photo and video montage to celebrate your Awareness Challenge!
Hashtags: #GBSCIDPMMNawarenessChallenge2020
Please tag us @GBSCIDPCanada
Description and Text for the GBS/CIDP Awareness Challenge 2020
1. Print a copy of the GBS/CIDP Awareness CHALLENGE 2020 Logo. Link
2. Please ‘keep it clean’ as someone’s Mom may be watching!
3. Here’s a sample script for you to record in your video
“Hi! I’m __________ and I am doing the GBS/CIDP/MMN Awareness Challenge!
I was challenged by: __________________ , to do ________________” and tell us your
Challenge Activity.
“The two people I am challenging are ______________ and ________________ !”
Check out and have a safe Awareness Challenge.
Smile, wave, strike a pose, sing, dance… have fun!
Thanks for supporting us in building awareness of #GBS #CIDP #MMN
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