We Challenge you to join us for the GBS/CIDP/MMN Awareness Challenge 2020!

This year our Challenge is simply to do an activity or simply “Strike a pose” holding
your printed sign.
Video your activity or take a pic, Challenge 2 more people, and Share the Challenge.
You can be serious or just have some fun just make sure to challenge 2 friends to do
their own Awareness Challenge! Then get creative, simply video or take a picture
of you walking, singing, dancing. Strike a pose, write a blog or whatever suits you
If you have a GBS/CIDP t-shirt we’d love to see you wear it for your challenge. GET CREATIVE, HAVE FUN, GET OUTSIDE OR NOT, GET ACTIVE, BUT BE SAFE and PRACTICE SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCE – Challenge your friends, family and coworkers!
For those that prefer to send us a photo, “Strike a pose!”, pick your best “Vogue-like” pose, wear their GBS/CIDP t-shirts, and hold your Challenge sign.
Please share your images with friends on social media pages, and please tag us @GBSCIDPCanada.
Send us a copy of the video or photo, to events@gbscidp.ca – and we can create a photo and video montage to celebrate your Awareness Challenge!
Hashtags: #GBSCIDPMMNawarenessChallenge2020
Please tag us @GBSCIDPCanada
Description and Text for the GBS/CIDP Awareness Challenge 2020
1. Print a copy of the GBS/CIDP Awareness CHALLENGE 2020 Logo. Link
2. Please ‘keep it clean’ as someone’s Mom may be watching!
3. Here’s a sample script for you to record in your video
“Hi! I’m __________ and I am doing the GBS/CIDP/MMN Awareness Challenge!
I was challenged by: __________________ , to do ________________” and tell us your
Challenge Activity.
“The two people I am challenging are ______________ and ________________ !”
Check out www.gbscidp.ca and have a safe Awareness Challenge.
Smile, wave, strike a pose, sing, dance… have fun!
Thanks for supporting us in building awareness of #GBS #CIDP #MMN
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