Patient / Caregiver Article – Guidelines

Telling your GBS, CIDP, MMN, caregiver, or variant patient story, communicates the  experiences you have endured, or continue to deal with today, and will impact others as they learn and connect with your story. In a community of our rare conditions, the ability to connect with others through a similar lived experience can be life altering, provide hope, and lessen the feeling of isolation. 


Article Guidelines

  1. Article length depends on the publishing medium and will be discussed with the author.

    1. Suggested word count for ‘News and Views’ is 1500 words 

    2. For longer articles, the website may be the chosen medium

  2. Provided in MS Word or an.rtf file

  3. To be included:

    1. Title

    2. Author

    3. Photo of author recommended

    4. If photographs are included, please supply captions

  4. Medications are to be generalized: example, Gammagard would be IVig or intravenous immunoglobulin, or morphine would be described as a narcotic.

  5. Medical professionals are not to be mentioned by name.

  6. If another patient is part of the story, they must approve being included.

  7. Articles will be edited for length, grammar and consistency of style. 

  8. The foundation can offer the assistance of a volunteer editor

  9. Once an article is accepted for publication, articles will be adapted to the foundation standard template in proceeding through the revision and final proof stages.

  10. Author agrees that the article can be translated into either English or French.

  11. Publication and final edit deadlines will be discussed with the author

  12. For examples of past patient articles:

  13. Articles can be sent to

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