1. The foundation provides support for patients and their families. This support is available individually as well as through support group meetings.
2. The foundation can provide you with educational material.
3. The foundation can provide information on new research and potential participation.
4. The foundation will keep you up-to-date on national and regional educational conferences, support group meetings, awareness events, ‘Ask the Experts’ online sessions, and more.
5. The bi-annual newsletter will keep you informed with medical submissions, foundation program initiatives, and patient journeys.
6. The foundation has a National Medical Advisory Board that reaches across Canada.
7. There is no cost to register.
8. You can cancel at any time with an email request to info@gbscidp.ca. If you communicated with a liaison or support group privately you would have to email them directly to discontinue communication.
9. Medical Professionals are encouraged to register.

Patient Statements to the Foundation

“Having a way to communicate with people that understand what I’m going through, and will continue to go through has been so appreciated.”
“Feels like a family, to help me on this unplanned journey”
“This was my first time attending an educational event. I learned so much! Thank you.”


GBS/CIDP Foundation of Canada has been supporting patients and families since 2003 by the generosity of our members and sponsors. Your gift of donation has allowed us to grow, support, educate, connect, and invest in Canadian research. Thank you.

We continue to need your support to help those afflicted with by Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP), and variants such as Multi-Focal Motor Neuropathy (MMN). With your gift of donation you will provide.

  • Dependable support services, such as support group meetings
  • Educational events in your region
  • Canadian Literature
  • Advocacy
  • Research
  • Website Content

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