Common questions asked while registering…


If I want to create a team, do I register first as an Individual or a Team?

Register first as an Individual and then create a team and invite coworkers, friends and family. We encourage you to invite others to join you!

In my page media – I uploaded a picture but it shows sideways. How can I fix that?

It has to do with the size of the picture. You may need to use an application such as Photoshop, or adjust the size on your Apple device in order to make the picture change its orientation. If you are not able to get this to work, please let us know.

How do I let my support system, friends and family know?

There is an option in Team creation where you can send an invite out to people on your contact lists.
Alternately, you can copy the URL you are shown when signing up, and add that into an email or post it on your social media.
You could even make a Walk and Roll poster, and ask a local business to sponsor you, or put your poster up in their window to help build awareness and maybe get a few sponsors.
We already have a poster you can download.
If you are looking to gain local sponsors, contact us for a sponsorship letter on letterhead.

4. If I’m really stuck and need help?

Call or email the Foundation, we are happy to help! 647-560-6842 or

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